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PostSubject: Jailbreaking   Fri Jan 29, 2010 10:16 pm

Ok I am going to tell you how to jailbreak any ipod/iphone!!!!

1. What is your gen of ipod or iphone if you have a 1 gen 2 gen or iphone 3g it will be untethered 3g and iphone 3gs will be tethered (tethered means it can not do a full restart without the use of the computer you will not lose anything with the restart)
2. go to and download for windows or mac
3. Plug your ipod and open the program and hit “ make it ra1n”
4. a picture of geohot surrounded by ipods will appear on the screen of your ipod and a message saying you are successfully jailbroken will appear on your computer screen.
5. Wait till your ipod reboots and scroll over the blackra1n icon press it and hit Cydia.
6. once Cydia installs click on it and wait a few minutes for everything to load and reboot and load some more a message will most likely pop up the says an upgrade for Cydia is available click on upgrade essencials.
7. Reload Cydia and another message will soon pop up that asks who are you click user or Hacker (if you need this tutorial click User)
8. Load Cydia again and click on manage on the bottom then sources and add the following sources exactly as they are written:
Optional repos

9. reload after all of that and click search and search for All Sources click install then download
10. then Download the following
11. SBSettings by BigBoss
12. sbsettings-toggle by Oth3lo
13. sbsettinstoggles by BigBoss
14. PrivaCy by saurik
15. Hackulous Security by Kyek
16. Respring by BigBoss

17. the above are all necessary security measures to activate them rub your finger along where the time is a menu will pop up click on more-> set toggles->and make sure phone-home and anything else you want is checked on.

18. go back to the home screen (springboard) and click on settings and scroll down to privacy and turn everything “Off”

19. Ok how to get themes open Cydia and download Winterboard by saurik

20. ok lets download our first theme! Click on sections on the bottom of Cydia and scroll down to Themes and scroll down and download any theme you want.
21. to activate a theme go to your springboard and click winterboard and just check the themes you want.
22. to get more icons or remove icons on your bottom dock download Five Icon Dock just put your icons into wiggle mode and drag icons on and off
23. Emulators: n64iphone ZodTTd NES 3 Cracked from sinful iphone NES ROMs Package 1 gameboy4iphone by ZodTTD GBA ROMs Package 1
24. Put apps in folders using Catagories by BigBoss
25. Run things in the background using Backgrounder by ashikase (note this drains battery like crazy so be careful using it and for how long)
26. Back up apps AptBackup by Chris Featherstone (use this app once in a while and sync with itunes just incase)
27. PogoPlank is one of the only apps on Cydia that you should not crack because it will most likely brick (locks up needs restore) your ipod if it is not the paid version.
28. MobileTeminal by Allen Porter for running scripts
29. Ifile very helpful in deleting outdated sources
30. cracked apps are installous by puy0
31. Change your Font using FontSwap by Gaurav Giri and FontSwap Starter also by Gaurav Giri
32. Deleting Cydia apps apps from Cydia cannot just be deleted like normal apps you must go to Cydia-> Manage->Packages-> find the app or theme you want to remove->modify->Remove.
33. If your ipod does brick hopefully it is backed up so just rerun balckra1n and sync.
34. Have fun any questions email me at
This took me a few hours so you better like it noob
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PostSubject: Re: Jailbreaking   Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:45 pm

yea thanks for doing this.. il get my touch this weekend prob and talk to u if im still having troubles
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