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 Final Fantasy Crisis Core Review

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PostFinal Fantasy Crisis Core Review

I ONLY push this game to the people who liked ffvii
the first time i played 7, it was like a quick runthrough and i
only tried to do most of the main missions and missed some
of the side missions. The main story of 7 was pretty clear to
me ( sephiroth tries to destroy the world. aerith is the only person
who can save it. she dies. cloud kills sephiroth. ) i got the story but
some things werent clear to me. who's the guy with black hair? how did
cloud get his sword? why didn't tifa notice cloud in nimbleheim? why does
cloud reminds aerith of someone important?

Final Fantasy Crisis Core explained everything to me clearly and was
one of the best rpg games i ever played.

just watch the review

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Final Fantasy Crisis Core Review :: Comments

Re: Final Fantasy Crisis Core Review
Post on Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:07 pm by HardCoreGamer
Yeah I played this when it came out and I enjoyed it a lot. Might I remind you that I'm
a hardcore FFVII fan. If you played 7, and want to know more then play Crisis Core. It helps
you understand what happend before everything in 7. Crisis Core is a great game, I highly recommend it to any FF fan out there who played 7.
Re: Final Fantasy Crisis Core Review
Post on Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:26 am by Starpower
Coming into this game, I knew everything that comes right after, and I knew where the ending would take me. That being said, the ending hit me really hard as it's one hell of a emotional roller coaster.

Loved the game so much so that i've moved straight onto FF7 (again). I dont know what it is about these characters, but Square really hit the nail on the head with this one.

The last moments - DMW disintergrating, the buster sword being dragged around, the rain, the music....damn you S-E, damn you and your emotional roller coasters!!
Re: Final Fantasy Crisis Core Review
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Final Fantasy Crisis Core Review

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