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 Ideas and Features

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PostSubject: Ideas and Features   Ideas and Features Icon_minitimeTue Jun 01, 2010 3:07 pm

on IGN's latest interview with treyarch

Treyarch gave us some hints on some new ideas and features
various wepons can use various types of ammo now for better
damage, range power or bullet penetration. a spas-12 shotgun
for example can now how the option to turn your ammo into a
"dragons breath" blast which can turn your gun into a short range
Trayarch also said that the idea of dogs as a killstreak was put into
the game because of a forum which many people talked about how
good the idea is.

post your idea's or new features on this thread
maybe treyarch will see them??? who knows

o... and also, nazi zombies will not be in the game
but ign is suggesting to treyarch for a ninja zombie
sounds kind of stupid but we need a zombie or survival
type of game included
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Ideas and Features
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